Thursday, April 18, 2013

A few more pics from a wonderful Theyyam in northern Kerala.

In the night time ...... possession!  Here are some pics of the evening Theyyam (I've previously posted at some pics from the next day's continuation of the event).  This went on all night, but unfortunately I had to head out after some hours. The heat and humidity in the evening were quite incredible and I found myself  completely dripping wet in no time at the temple compound (not counting next day's event heat stroke).

Dancing in front of one of the compound temples.

Part of being painted up before dressing up.

Mangalore to Thallaserry and the fish market in Thallaserry.

What is this?  Easy...a wood fired water boiler for a hotel/business in the middle of Mangalore.

The quite organized food service at the Mangalore train station.  All these types of food services for the trains are becoming progressively more organized.

Ah....the Higgin Bothams book and magazine stall at the Mangalore train station.

An old bus at the bus station in Thallaserry.

A guy with tomatoes, or course.
Near the fish market....dried fish, of course.

Cat asleep with a fish cast off piece

Assorted images from Bundi

These are some images from around the small streets/alleys in Bundi (older Bundi is pretty much a one-street town) and the Bundi Fort on the ridge above the town.

One of the many hallways fallen into disrepair

A great place in the fort to catch some breeze, lay down and have a good rest or snooze.  It can be a hot haul from the town up to the Fort (which you have to pay to enter, separately from the Bundi Palace), and you have to watch out for all the monkeys that inhabit and hang around the hill - you can rent for ten rupees a big stick, which I would advise,  just below the Palace and Fort entrance.

One of the water tanks at the fort.

At the end of most wedding processions in the towns at night you'll see - and definitely hear - a portable generator being dragged along to power all the fluorescent lights being carried along on hired heads.

A trip from Udaipur to Bundi

The easiest - certainly not the cheapest - way to travel between Udaipur and Bundi is by private taxi.  The road for a good portion of the way is on a new, divided lane highway (but which still means that you have cows & goats & people & carts crossing the road, and drivers on scooter, bikes, cars and trucks, driving the wrong way down the one way lanes....), but also has a 'rural' portion which is quite rough and bouncy and slow for a good part of the trip.  Anyway, there are interesting places (forts & temples etc) on the way, so the pictures below are from a stop at Chittogarh Fort about halfway.  The fort is a huge place, but unless you are REALLY into ruins....a half a day typically is enough.

On the way....somewhere.

One of the many views in the Fort.

Indian tourists seem to like to pay for this 'HiHo Silver' moment....not great fun for the horse.

Some of the trinket bottles for sale by wandering salesmen.

Lots of pilgrims come to the fort for visits to the temples inside.

'When can we go home???'

Dressed up in 'local dress' and posing for a photo with Mom & Dad.

Love some of the paintings on the trucks.

Not exactly overloaded, eh?

Pics in Udaipur

These are a set of assorted pics from around Udaipur from January. 

A view down a typical 'residential' street

A small underground temple near a park

Adding interest to a street

Hanging out at a temple at Pichola Lake.
It seems most days the dogs and monkeys at this temple have a bit of exercise.

A worker at the City Palace

A woman with a few pots to sell.

A guy with a few carrots to juice up.
Sunset views from the Lal Ghat Guesthouse.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Ranakpur....a short trip from Udaipur

The Jain temple at Ranakpur is a day trip (by taxi) from Udaipur, and worth the travel.  Easily combined (if you start out early enough) to stop at Kumbhalgarh before (there are a few pictures from Kumbhalgarh in my blog at )
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